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Change for our children. Change for our staff. Change for our safety. 

District 1 Challenger

Kimberlee Sia

Kimberlee's Endorsements


  1. School, student & staff safety
  2. Academic outcomes
  3. Educator & staff recruitment and retention


"Raise my taxes, and/or taxes in my community, to cover the DPS shortfall”

Previous Board Service:

  • Colorado League of Charter Schools (2018-2023, Treasurer/Board Chair)
  • University Prep (2020-2023, Treasurer/Board Chair)
  • Mockingbird Foundation (2020-2023)
  • Lighthouse Academies of Indiana (2008-2012)

Goals & Metrics:

  1. Improve school, student, and staff safety, measured by # of students (disaggregated by student sub-groups) referred to each tier of the discipline matrix and by student and staff responses on social, emotional, and physical safety surveys/assessments
  2. Decrease the academic gaps for all student subgroups, measured by the percentage of students meeting/exceeding grade level expectations on interim assessments and CMAS/PSAT/SA    
  3. Increase retention of teachers and school administrators, measured by annual retention rates (overall staff retention and retention of staff of color) and staff satisfaction surveys

Additional Comments:

As a former teacher, principal, district administrator, and executive leader of both a network of schools and a youth development non-profit organization, I have experience working directly with students, families, educators, and the community to address the priorities outlined above. Additionally, through my professional experience and as the parent of two DPS students who has served on various school and district-level committees, I have collaborated across lines of difference to identify challenges facing our schools and the district and worked to find solutions that included the voices of students, families, educators, and the community.

For the goals and metrics identified in my response, I would want to take a deeper look at the data for the previous school year in order to set the actual numbers for each current school year. I would want to see this data at the school level and for the district as a whole. Once the specific metrics are set, I would then want to see progress monitoring reports over the course of the school year. As a board member, I could then ask questions to examine root causes for areas that need improvement, learn more about best practices being implemented in areas where there are successes, and determine what actions need to be taken by the board to ensure goals are being met. 

When it comes to the fiduciary responsibility of the board, I want to note that raising taxes is not the only option I would consider when looking to balance the budget. I do not want to cut services for students and do not want the board to have an unbalanced budget. Before going down the path of proposing a tax increase, I would want to look at the budget and determine how spending aligns with the goals and priorities of the district. If there are areas of the budget that do not align, I would want to discuss how these funds could be reallocated. Additionally, I would want to look at areas where there might be cost savings that do not mean a cut in services for students or schools. "

District 1 Boundaries:

Board District 1 Map