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Change for our children. Change for our staff. Change for our safety. 

Help Vote Out Scott Baldemann!

District 1: Kimberlee Sia

Kimberlee Sia is the one and only candidate in District 1 other than the incumbent, Scott Baldermann.  Sia will need your support as Baldermann has committed to throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to defend his seat. See Kim's responses to our survey here.

Baldermann's record speaks for itself.   Scott flip-flopped on School Resource Officers and participated in an illegal Executive Session in response to East HS shooting.  He secretly negotiated a hefty pay raise and bonus for Marrero five months ahead of schedule.  And he voted to dissolve Innovation Zones. In the words of the Denver Gazette, "Scott Baldermann is the other board member whose rigidity and extreme anti-school-choice ideology has caused problems.” He's definitely part of the problem and needs to go.

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District 1 Boundaries:

Board District 1 Map