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Change for our children. Change for our staff. Change for our safety. 

At Large Candidate

Brittni Johnson

Brittni's Endorsements


  1. School, student & staff safety
  2. Social, emotional & mental health
  3. Creating more diverse, equitable & inclusive schools


"Raise my taxes, and/or taxes in my community, to cover the DPS shortfall”

Previous Board Service:

  • None

Goals & Metrics:

  1. Fight to reduce the school-to-prison pipeline, measured by # of students ticketed and suspended vs. the # of students diverted to restorative justice programs.
  2. Improve the overall mental health of students, measured by overall district BESS scores and the # of students receiving mental health support from in-school mental health professionals.
  3. Reduce the academic gap between BIPOC students and white students, measured by grade level literacy, graduation rate, and holistic measures of student achievement.

Additional Comments:

To elaborate on my 3rd goal: 

Increase the rate of teacher retention, especially amongst BIPOC teachers, measured by the quantitative data of the % of teachers who leave the district after any given year and the qualitative data of the most commonly identified reasons for leaving the district.  A personal statement on why I'm running: 

I’m running for school board to advocate for all DPS students – just like I've done for all three of my kids. It’s clear DPS Leadership has a broken bridge between the community and we’ve moved away from centering our students at the core of our district's work. It's time we change that. I plan to be that bridge. Thank you for your consideration.