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The DPS Board has betrayed the public trust.

School is back in, but the board is not out

We demanded safety.  They failed us. We demanded accountability. They ignored us. We demanded their resignations. They refused. 

So…what now?

  1. Let’s VOTE OUT the incumbents that are up for re-election this November. See our position on the candidates currently running for School Board seats.
  2. Let’s GEAR UP for a recall of the remaining four candidates in November
  3. Let’s PRESS ON with our message that Denver deserves better.  We will make sure our civic leaders and elected officials know that we are mad as hell.

Change for our children. Change for our staff. Change for our safety. 

School Board Election 2023

Get the Facts

Three DPS Board seats go to voters on Nov 7th

There are three seats up for election this November including.  Denver students deserve a change in all three seats.

  • District 1 currently occupied by Scott Baldermann
  • District 5 currently occupied by Charmaine Lindsay
  • The At Large Seat currently occupied by Auon’tai "Tay" Anderson

Ballots will be mailed to all registered Denver voters by mid-October.

The Candidates and the Districts

District 1 Race:  Candidates running to replace Incumbent Scott Baldermann. Vote for this seat if you are registered in District 1. (Click here to see map)

District 5 Race: Candidates running to replace Incumbent Charmaine Lindsay. Vote for this seat if you are registered in District 5. (Click here to see map)

At Large Race: Candidates running to replace Auon’tai Anderson. All registered Denver voters can vote for this seat.

Support the Candidates
  1. Donate to a campaign:
    • Anyone can contribute to a candidate.  You don’t have to live in their district or even in Denver.
    • The maximum individual contribution is $2,500 per candidate.
    • Links to donate can be found on individual candidate websites.  Most candidates can also be found on Act Blue.
  2. Volunteer to spend a morning, a day or a weekend helping the campaign. 
  3. Attend debates & forums to support a candidate and encourage others to attend and learn about the candidates.
  4. Make sure you vote and get others in your circle to vote.  
Recall the Rest of the Board

Recall efforts, especially in city-wide contests, are expensive and are complicated.  But in the wake of a disastrous summer of Board decisions a number of parents from across the city are mobilizing to recall the Board members who are NOT up for election this November.   Many people realize that even if we vote out Baldermann and Lindsay, it wont be enough to truly change the trajectory of the district. Organizing a recall movement is a huge undertaking that will require fundraising, manpower, and time to build awareness with Denver voters across the district before the formal recall process can start. 

If you are interested in joining this group of committed  volunteers or want to simply be kept informed sign up for information here. This is a separate organization from ResignDPS Board but we fully support their efforts to take this next step.

To get a candidate’s recall on the ballot, a petition requires valid signatures of voters who number at least 25% of the total votes cast for that office in the election in which that board member was elected, with a maximum of 15,000 signatures for any given seat. This means it will take 15,000 valid signatures to get Esserman (at-large) into a recall election, nearly 8,000 signatures for Olson (District 3), 6,300 signatures for Quattlebaum (District 4) and 4,300 (District 2) for Gaytán.

This is not an easy task.  But it IS possible.  With your help.

Our Why

Who We Are

We founded Resign DPS Board in March because we were fed up with this Board’s record on school safety, its dysfunctionality, incompetence, infighting, and mediocrity.  Since then, over 5,000 Denver residents from across the city have joined our efforts. Our mission is simple: get rid of as many of the current school board members as we can. The Board has demonstrated time and again, they cannot function as a high impact team. They are consumed with animosity, finger pointing and defensive posturing. We need to wipe the slate clean and establish a new baseline - one that can move forward in the interest of our kids.
they have failed our students and staff

Why Demand the Board’s Resignation?

Fighting for our schools

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