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The DPS Board has betrayed the public trust.

It's Time to Resign

The DPS Board has abdicated its most basic duty: keeping students and staff safe.

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Change for our children. Change for our staff. Change for our safety. 

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Our Why

Who We Are

Resign DPS Board is a politically, geographically, racially, and professionally diverse coalition of residents and taxpayers from every  walk of life in Denver. Each is fed up with the Board’s record on school safety, its dysfunctionality, incompetence, infighting, and commitment to mediocrity.

Our Mission

Secure the prompt resignation of all seven DPS Board members. 

they have failed our students and staff

Why Demand the Board’s Resignation?

How you can help

What's Next?

1) Demand the resignation of all seven sitting DPS Board Members.

We are mounting an effort to force the Board to understand that the public has lost confidence in their leadership. We want to make it clear to all seven members that it is time for entirely new leadership. The seven sitting Board Members include Scott Baldermann, Xóchitl Gaytán, Dr. Carrie Olson, Michelle Quattlebaum, Charmaine Lindsay, Auon'tai Anderson and Scott Esserman.

Spread the word, share the petition, donate to the cause.  We need your help.

2) If the DPS Board Members refuse to resign, that is not the end.

We hope that the Board will listen to the public demand and resign immediately.  It is their civic obligation. If they refuse, the other option is a recall process and/or an election process.  Three sitting members - Anderson, Baldermann and Lindsay - will be up for re-election this November. The other four - Olson, Quattlebaum, Esserman and Gaytan - are eligible for a recall process.

Recall efforts, especially in city-wide contests, are expensive and a major volunteer effort.  Gathering 10,000 signatures of interested Denver citizens demanding resignation by May 15th is the most straight-forward approach to getting rid of this disgraceful Board AND testing the waters for how prevalent this disgust is across Denver. We believe people from all backgrounds, all neighborhoods are fed up with the dysfunction of this Board, and we intend to prove it. 

In the event we reach our goal and there is no movement to resign a recall effort could commence. Legally, it would have to be a separate entity that is specifically allowed to petition for a recall.  Resign DPS Board is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that is allowed to promote issues of social welfare, such as highlighting the current crisis with the Denver Public School board and demanding the members resign.  A Recall effort does not fall into that category and would require a new entity designed for that purpose.  Our belief is that if we cannot gather 10,000 non-binding petition signatures for our Resign DPS Board effort within 45 days, then a Recall DPS Board effort would be very difficult to accomplish. 

So, our strategy will remain highlighting the problems on the DPS Board and demanding their resignation.  We have targeted media buys and rallies planned, signs and banners which we hope many of you will proudly display, and T-shirts being produced.  We urge you to donate your time and money to this worthwhile cause to help keep our children and grandchildren safe and focused on education, not politics.  If a recall effort becomes necessary then interested people can strategize, organize and make it a reality.


  1. We trust the leaders in our schools. This group will listen to DPS teachers, administrators and students.  Our district is large and diverse and we will listen in good faith.
  2. This is not about any one individual member.  This is about DPS Board leadership as a whole.  We will stick to facts and readily available sources in making our case.
  3. This group will focus its efforts entirely on replacing the existing school board. We understand this is only one piece of the puzzle and many other meaningful efforts must contribute to making our schools safe places for learning. 
Fighting for our schools

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